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Faan Nel Receives Presidents Award 2020

PIA PRESIDENT'S AWARD 2020 - FAAN NEL Every year at the AGM it is the prerogative of the PIA president to present the PIA. The President’s Award is presented to members who go above and beyond in their contributions to the architectural profession. This year the recipient is someone who has been contributing to the PIA and to furthering interests of the architectural profession for the past 12 years, and has been instrumental in the drafting of the new SAIA as well as the new PIA constitution in 2015. It is a privilege to award this year’s PIA president’s award to Faan Nel. Faan finished his studies at UP in 1994 and worked in London for the first 5 years of his carrier, but he could not forget his roots, and returned to Pretoria in 2001 Faan has served on the PIA Committee since 2009, and was the president from 2014-2016. Vice-president/president/immediate past president – 6 years’ commitment. Once his obligation to PIA Executive Committee was fulfilled, he stayed on the committee further 2 years and in that time he was also the Chair of the Events and Marketing Committee at the PIA, responsible for many of the events and initiatives offered to the PIA members. During his time on the committee, Faan has made great contributions e.g. opening of communication channels with the Tshwane City Councils, and sat on various forums active in promoting responsible development of the Tshwane area. He has been level-headed leader, and all could always count upon him to give good, balanced advice and help diffuse potential conflict. His outgoing personality and dry sense of humour infused enthusiasm in the rest of the committee.