Date 2023/06/09 09:46:17 by ARCA UNLIMITED ARCHITECTS

House Gouws

The client commissioned ARCA Unlimited to design their family home in Southdowns Estate. The design had to take advantage of the beautiful surrounds, whilst providing privacy from public spaces. Solid southern- and western street boundaries with perforated aluminium screens provide privacy while allowing filtered natural light into the house. A visual axis extends through the front door and entrance gallery and penetrates this privacy barrier. It links to a formal landscaped courtyard and the views beyond. A deck and seamless floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors create the threshold between inside and out. The concept of seamless transition is carried through to detailing: the simplest possible transition between different building materials is utilised. Living and bedroom spaces are orientated inward around the internal courtyard. Rhythmic progressing of proportions with honest expression of structure and materials help to orientate the user and make the architecture more intelligible.