Date 2021/09/14 15:20:30 by ARCA UNLIMITED ARCHITECTS

2021-09 Dr. Susan Nel Dental Studio - African Property Awards Winner

We are proud to announce that ARCA Unlimited has won an award for Best Public Service Interior at the African Property Awards for Dr. Susan Nel Dental Studioís interior renovations THE EXISTING SPACE Dr. Susan Nel Dental Studio specializes in the art of aesthetic dentistry. A space was required to reflect their passion for beauty but also their dedication to wellbeing. A clinical but not sterile environment that celebrates a dental practice of exceptional standards. The available floorplan presented challenges that included a long, narrow reception area and structural columns throughout a limited space. Multiple entrances into the space also created layout restrictions. Adjustable lighting levels were needed which involves the use of both natural and artificial illumination to create realistic colour renderings of the dental fittings. The area to be styled consisted of a 92m≤ floor space situated within a commercial office building with shared lobbies and ablutions. The minor refurbishment was required in the public circulation lobby and staircase adjacent to the practice entrance. As a product of the numerous site restrictions, the layout options were limited. The draft and final arrangement plan are similar. THE CHOSEN DESIGN The two dental rooms are in the optimal position with proximity to the reception and access to generous natural light flow. Staff areas like the sterilization room, kitchenette, and corridor storage unit are grouped close to the staff doorway, furthest from the public circulation. The office with specialized dental scanning equipment is positioned in the front-of-house patient area. FINAL DESIGN In the final design the public entrance lobby, that leads into the dental studio, is retiled and repainted. The staircase balustrade was replaced with a frameless glass system and a new stainless steel handrailing was added for user safety. The reception counter is situated at the main entrance door with the waiting area occupying the narrow space leading from the desk. The wrap-around wall graphic establishes the brand identity while creating the illusion of depth with the back-lit floating wall-mount. Frosted glass partitions and doors at the dental rooms and office enable legible internal wayfinding. The transparent barriers afford the small interior the illusion of an expansive space. IMPORTANT ELEMENTS Natural, textured finishes are introduced to create a welcoming, clean but not sterile environment. To accommodate the maximum number of seats in the narrow waiting area, a bench seat was introduced with allocated seating positions. Floor-to-ceiling glazed partition walls allow natural light to filter through the interior. Integrated, illuminated product display creates a point of interest on the natural circulation path between the dental rooms and reception. The specialized dental scanning equipment is on exhibit, seen from the internal circulation lobby, with the communication screen integrated at a comfortable angle in the shop-fitting. The introduction of the angled shop-fitting element also conceals the structural column and creates additional office storage from the deskís side. Dr. Nelís dental room adjacent to her office affords a clear view of patients arriving for an appointment. The transparent partitions establish a visual link between her and her practice. The curved glass partition separating the dental room and office creates the necessary movement space around the dental chair while softening the necessary intrusion into the office area. The swatch board illustrates the primary materials used. Smooth/ glossy and natural textured and patterned materials are juxtaposed to create a welcoming clean but not sterile interior.