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Daimler Truck Corporate Headquarters was designed with the intention of creating a sustainable and comfortable workplace for employees. Considering the natural setting of the previous HQ building compared to the utilitarian nature of the new site we realized that the intervention needed to address many more aspects that that as stated in the brief. Our design solution challenged the brief both in terms of accommodation provided as well as in execution. We therefore aimed to on create a space that would not only be efficient but also inspire creativity, productivity and a sense of belonging with strong reference to nature. To achieve this goal, we renovated two buildings in a unique industrial workplace style, combining various materials such as black bricks, sheet metal cladding, translucent polycarbonate sheeting, and contrasting white plastered walls. The design not only reflects the industrial nature of the precinct but also provides a contemporary and durable appeal in line with the well-founded character of the 60 year old entity. We understand that working in an office environment can be challenging, and employees need a space to relax and recharge. We therefore included large covered external spaces that serve as a relaxation area for our workers. These multifunctional spaces are also utilised for launches and events, further adding to the overall experience of our employees, trainees and clients. Considering the relocation from a large parklands environment, we planted 250 trees and 4000 shrubs to transform the industrial setting into a lush and calming natural environment. Building facades are also screened with planters and creepers. Sustainability is a core value of Daimler Trucks, and we wanted corporate head office to reflect this. Several sustainable features were therefor incorporated in the design. All facades and windows are screened to limit solar heat gain and reduce electrical loads. High specification low E double glazing further ensures low heat gains and losses. The roof slopes to the north to allow for further solar installations and rainwater collection on one facade. Car parking bays and roof areas are utilised to generate electricity and reduce reliance on non-renewable sources. 722 solar panels provide 346,2 kWp electricity. This is in line with our commitment to achieve a net-zero status. Additionally, we have backup power of 400 kWh, ensuring that we can operate during now regular power outages. To ensure a comfortable interior environment, we installed high specification acoustic glass, which results in a quiet and comfortable working environment. This approach towards calming acoustics was further enhanced by insulating enclosed meeting rooms and providing suspended acoustic dampening panels. This adds to the overall experience of our employees, reducing distractions and allowing them to focus on their work in a relaxed environment, despite the noisy major roadways flanking the setting. In conclusion, the Daimler Truck Corporate Headquarters is a sustainable and comfortable place to work. The design reflects a commitment to employees and the environment, providing a space that reflects company culture, is efficient, aesthetically pleasing, and conducive to productivity.