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ARCA Unlimited was approached to design the Mercedes-Benz South Africa Emirates Airline Park Suite. As is the norm for stadium suites, the space available was extremely limited with a distinct lack of natural light. This space not only needed to comfortably accommodate 30+ people but also host different functions and avoid a cluttered feel. The clutter-free design and modern luxury concept finishes offer an extension of the Mercedes-Benz lifestyle. The shop front of the suite is demolished to insert full-length folding-stacking windows with a raised platform and bar; dissolving the threshold between the interior and outside viewing area and providing additional seating that views the field. Subtle light sources are incorporated in the shop fittings to create a social ambience. Through a mix of shop-fitted elements, bench seating, and moveable furniture elements, such as, standing tables and occasional chairs, the space can be adapted to suit diverse functional needs.