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Brooklyn Circle is an iconic landmark in the City of Tshwane. The design needed to celebrate this icon by creating a welcoming public space that encourages urban connectivity. It was also important to separate pedestrian- and vehicular traffic at this busy urban hub. A green pedestrian walkway serves as both a raised public park and a safe pedestrian link between the surrounding retail- and commercial centres. Designed as a suspension bridge, it allows for unobstructed vehicular line of sight. Pedestrian access is provided by means of ramps and staircases in Middel Street and Waterkloof Road. As part of the proposal, the centre of Brooklyn Circle becomes a sunken area; an urban boma veiled from vehicular traffic and cradled by evenly-spaced suspension cables. It offers a landscaped environment where the community can rub shoulders around a central bonfire. Galleries surrounding the boma serve as exhibition space for local artists and create a constantly changing, vibrant environment.