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ARCA Unlimited was approached to redesign dated entrances, reception areas and staff canteens at SAB Rosslyn. A tasting and information centre, which would function as the start of the brewery tour, also had to be incorporated. The aim was to address both employee wellbeing and public perception of SAB Rosslyn. In the following years, the project has extended to include the refurbishment of several office areas and ablution facilities. The design encompasses a complete overhaul of staff and main entrances to the brewery. Entrances are extended through the addition of pergolas and reception desks are rotated to contribute to a welcoming atmosphere. The staff entrance and reception counters are identical to those for visitors; emphasising the importance of SAB staff. In the canteen, the removal of the ceiling creates a open, high-volume space. The tasting and information centre boasts folding stacking doors to connect its two well-appointed functional spaces. To reflect SABís adherence to the use of natural ingredients in their products, only honest natural finishes are employed.