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ARCA Unlimited was entrusted with renovations and various building projects at the BMW Plant, Rosslyn. The challenge was to not only create environments that reflect the high standards of the BMW brand but also to enhance employee well-being at the plant. Projects include a new training centre, a welcome centre, space-planning exercises, relaxation-, entertainment-, and ablution areas, as well as the formulation of generic standards documentation. Designed within the scope of international BMW standards, the training centre comprises three distinct areas: technical training areas, lecture rooms and offices. The facilities are arranged around a central atrium, which makes the building instinctively legible. The double-volume space also serves as a congregation and events area. The improvement of ablution facilities throughout the plant recognises the high standard of workmanship delivered by plant workers. The selection of quality finishes and fittings raises the perceived quality of the environment to set a new standard for industrial worker environments. These vastly improved site facilities have contributed significantly towards a more content workforce.