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The existing passenger vehicle lifestyle centre in Menlyn, Pretoria is one of the busiest in South Africa. ARCA Unlimited was commissioned to design a new AMG performance centre and to enlarge the existing workshop area. Additions had to include a complete makeover of the existing fašade; enlargement of the pre-owned display area; and a parking deck. The site presented certain challenges: the existing rights and servitudes created obstacles regarding municipal approval. The new AMG showroom stands proud as one of the largest AMG performance centres in South Africa and features the latest architectural language of the Mercedes-Benz brand. Slender black columns carry a light roof structure and the showroom is elevated on a podium; creating the impression of a floating display. The dealership facilitates 32 service work bays and can comfortably accommodate 54 new vehicles on the showroom floor. By renegotiating a shared right-of-way servitude and rerouting others, the desired building layout was accommodated.