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For this Mercedes-Benz passenger vehicle showroom and service facility, ARCA Unlimited was asked to localise German requirements to a South African environment. The dealership wanted to establish both a macro- and micro presence in Paarl that reflect Mercedes-Benz as a premier brand. The result is the first showroom to be rolled out according to the Mercedes-Benz 2016 international architecture standards. This showroom incorporates the locally-developed modern luxury concept; revolutionising the way vehicles are sold through the utilisation of audio-visual technology. It sets a new standard for automobile showroom architecture throughout South Africa. The simplified signature columns and contrasting black and white corporate identity colours become a subtle milieu that supersedes the current complex industrial architecture and complements the precision vehicles it houses. The architecture and interior reflect the refined precision and luxury styling of the brand. It is designed to not only create an experience when purchasing a vehicle but to introduce a lifestyle to existing and new customers.