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The brief called for the existing Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy to be upgraded to an AMG Branded Driving Academy and events centre. The design needed to create a welcoming and open intermediate arrival area with interlinked interior functional spaces that emphasise the raceway and the excitement associated with racing culture. The resultant design and prominent elevated position of the building create an unparalleled presence at Zwartkops International Raceway. The exterior architecture is in line with the new Mercedes-Benz dealership style currently being rolled out in South Africa, whilst the interior is consistent with AMG centres around the world. The black and white Mercedes-Benz colours implemented create a minimalistic setting where the focus is on the individual and the premier vehicles launched there. The addition of a cantilevered deck establishes a link to the track and encourages social interaction. When utilised for vehicle launches, the building can cater for up to a 150 visitors.