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To cope with the ever-increasing demand for mental healthcare, Vista Clinic briefed ARCA Unlimited to provide solutions for renovation and additions. The brief called for a design conducive to well-being that creates a safe environment for patients. Evidence-based research provided a scientific approach to design and the use of space, colour, sound and light; all aimed at promoting wellbeing. New wards are divided into more intimate groups where patients can find a sense of belonging. Rooms are arranged around landscaped courtyards. These views coupled with oversized images of nature provide promise, hope and an association with regeneration. Use of the colour blue engenders feelings of calmness and serenity while tan surfaces provide the association of earthiness and trust. Nurse stations are subtly located with full views of all patient areas. Complex and unique safety requirements influenced the selection of finishes and fittings. The reception and room arrangement intentionally mimic hotel design to set this clinic apart from its competitors.