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The client required a complete refurbishment of his Bedfordview home. A seamless flow between spaces was essential: in the transition between the interior and exterior of the house and in the addition of semi-open plan bathrooms inside the bedrooms. A contemporary look and feel is created through the meticulous consideration of all interior detail. Classic materials, such as, marble, used in combination with contemporary green materials, such as, bamboo, result in a stylish interior that is both contemporary and warm. Large folding doors of frameless glass and blinds that completely retract create a visually open space, where the threshold between the interior and exterior is blurred. A bath, basin and vanity counter form the semi-open plan bathrooms. The design language in each bedroom and bathroom is the same to create unity in disparate spaces. All bedrooms use only indirect artificial lighting; creating a subdued, relaxed atmosphere that can be augmented by reading lights if needed.