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ARCA Unlimited was commissioned for the design of 16 residential units, to form a neighbourhood with its own identity within the Southdowns Estate. The units are to combine high-density housing with luxury living standards. The housing consists of a series of staggered building masses and courtyards that are connected by a central circulation spine. The intermediate green courtyards maximise northern exposure and ensure the privacy of open spaces. Passive design principles were explored and integrated into the design. Sun angles were investigated to ensure summer and winter sun penetration into courtyards and interior spaces. Each unit has a unique layout, which introduces variation and avoids the monotonous repetition of identical units commonly found in such developments. All units have access to a communal green corridor, which aims to facilitate and encourage interaction between neighbours. The spine also incorporates a play area for children, a communal vegetable garden and braai area, and a French bowls court.