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Traditional car dealerships no longer meet the needs of the more informed contemporary customer. A one-size-fits-all approach is no longer appropriate in the luxury car market and a variety of customer personality types must be catered for. With these challenges in mind, the recently completed Mercedes-Benz Constantiaberg facility challenges conventional dealership design principles and aims to provide a unique and memorable experience for customers. Service and sales customers enter at the same point and are welcomed by a friendly host. The host makes sure that the specific needs of the visitor is understood and will guide the customer to the appropriate specialist to be looked after. To display the vast range of Mercedes-Benz vehicles with the extensive list of available customization options is no longer feasible. In this facility, the designers opted for a boutique showroom displaying only three vehicles. Display technology is extensively implemented in both the vehicle exhibition area as well as the consulting process. By leveraging technology and incorporating a variety of consultation areas, all products, and options can be presented in an environment designed for customers with varying preferences. Customers can be consulted in intimate enclosed meeting rooms, at informal high tables, or a relaxed lounge environments. Subtle changes to lighting temperatures, curated music, and a variety of beverage options complete a relaxed customer-focused experience. New vehicles are exhibited to be appreciated from inside the building in a gallery setting as opposed to the traditional approach of large shopfronts providing views from passing traffic. A large audio-visual stage forms a backdrop for display vehicles. By removing the display vehicles the space transforms into an events area for functions such as vehicle launches, fashion shows, or sporting event broadcasts. The highlight of the customer journey is the intimate vehicle handover area. Audio and visual display technology and lighting effects are used to create a memorable experience for new vehicle owners. Mercedes-Benz is fully committed to a sustainable future and this development implements various responsible initiatives. Solar installation, electric vehicle charging points, energy-efficient air conditioning, efficient light fittings, occupancy switches, and timers reduce the demand for grid electricity. The specialized shopfitting developed in Germany was localized and local shopfitters were trained and approved to manufacture locally reducing not only shipment costs but also the embodied energy required for transport.