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The slogan for RocoMama’s is “We’re not Normal”, and this project called for a ‘not normal’ kind of DriveThru experience. Usually, one orders a fast meal through a tiny roadway at an uninviting small window, drive past solid walls and vermon traps to get to another tiny hole in the wall and receive your meal. We approached this project differently and decided to attempt to be as transparent and open about the meal prep process as possible. We did this by showcasing the iconic and bustling RocoMamas grill line all along the front of the building using glazing. A double storey building was designed due to the small footprint of the site and vast vehicular circulation space required around the building. Designing the double storey enabled us to create spaces and moments inside the building such as a double volume. This reduces the potential disconnect between the ground floor and above. It also gave us the opportunity to install a perceived hanging steel staircase and balustrade complimenting the “We’re not Normal” slogan. The typical roofed canopies above the order and collect windows were replaced by extravagant cantilever slabs on either side, hosting comfortable seating at top level. This allows customers to overlook the busy road as well as the vehicle queue below. Likewise, passersby can see dine in customers enjoying their meals and drinks which entices them to visit the restaurant. Visibility into the building was important to maximise as people attract people, however this meant the considerable use of glazing. Measures such as double glazing, solid material use on the Western façade, insulation and alternative water heating solutions were put in place to ensure sustainable design.