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ARCA Unlimited works closely with architectural and interior teams, across SA and Sub-Saharan Africa, as the Jaguar Land Rover corporate identity brand custodians. Working with distinctive, bold, and confident products, ARCA’s been consulting on design layouts, accommodation, finishes and customer contact items like furniture, graphics, and digitalization. JLR dealerships are evolving with their sophisticated clientele, to include in-house digital customization of vehicles with dedicated personalization lounges incorporating state-of-the-art configuration technology. In keeping with this sophisticated theme, the dealerships are designed to be timeless, modern, contemporary, while never being overdesigned. Premium design features include crisp uncluttered showrooms, with the product presented as an art piece and seamless transitions between various typologies of customer engagement areas. Premium natural materials and modern fabrics contribute to a fresh and luxurious approach and a customer journey that is world class