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A premium meat (and ancillary) shopping experience required a unique approach to the typical local butchery. During the concept phase ARCA considered the existing butchery and analysed the flow of the shop, the feeling during the purchasing process and the use of materials. The current shop felt welcoming and open, like you know your local butcher by name. This is an attribute we wanted to repeat, by the use of accessibility, legibility, big volumes, open space and including areas tasting counters. The use of natural materials was also evident in the current store and was a big influence on the new shop design. Timber, facebrick, diamond polished floors etc. were used to sustain and reflect honestly in materials and products as well as provide cleanliness, durability, and longevity to the store. As mentioned, legibility of space was important to obtain, to avoid frustration when searching for items. Using versatile product labelling and lettering we designed a system of product labelling that can be customized to change as product display changes. The payment station and coffee barista island serves as a division between The Daily coffee shop and Mondanette. It was designed to serve as a virtual division between tenants yet seem integrated holistically into the design and ease of use for management purposes