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The small new building, situated in front of the existing hospital façade, needed to complement the existing architecture behind it, but also stand out as symbol of a new era for the hospital. It had to fulfill its role to ensure the public feels welcome and safe, whilst articulating ambulance traffic and patients around it. ARCA set out to achieve a contemporary, low maintenance, sophisticated building, whilst paying homage to the architecture that was constructed in the 70’s in the background. A way in which it was achieved was by using a similar design language and materials through repetitive column spacing and the use of facebrick. The need for undercover walkways into the building and surrounding areas was satisfied by floating concrete roof canopies - effectively linking the building's architecture with the A&E Ward. Ambulance and pedestrian flow were considered to accommodate emergency arrivals as well as the safe access for general patient enquiries. This flow helped determine entrance positions as well as the Porters room location. The existing pedestrian route to the A&E Ward was trampled to gravel as evident by the aerial photographs, we used this route and formalized this by creating seating and landscaping on this newly paved route into the new Welcome Center. Careful consideration of typical construction details lead to the exploration of alternative details of brick bonds, shadow lines, columns, rainwater downpipes as well as steel and brick column combinations. The interior design was influenced by the column rhythms, spatial orientation, and acoustic performance of the space Acoustic materials were strategically incorporated to enhance the end user experience and aid in building legibility. Users were guided by the acoustic ceiling panels toward either the exit on the opposite side or the information desk.